Black Sheep - Tattoo

A few words about the Tattoo

The word “tattoo” describes the art of inserting colour into the skin and its permanent colouring. It is an ancient tradition, and today it is trendy.

People have been practising the art of tattooing for many years. These permanent patterns on the body – sometimes simple and sometimes complex, but always personal – have been signs of power, love, religion and even punishment.

In ancient Egypt and India, they were used for healing and religious worship. They were also signs of status in society and also of punishment. In the Philippines, they were a proof of achievement and were perceived to have magical properties.

With the advent of Christianity, they were considered a barbaric custom, disappearing in the region of Europe only to return with the transatlantic voyages of the 16th century.

Choosing our studio for your tattoo:

If you are interested in tattoos, you have many options to choose from! Come to our studio to discuss your preferences and find the right one.

The tattoo artists at Black Sheep specialize in and have extensive experience in different genres, such as Blackwork, Realistic black and grey/colour, Japanese, Old School, Neotraditional, Decorative, Mandala, Maori, Line work, Fine Line, Geometric, and Cover-up.

Important: Tattoos are done by appointment only and only for adults. Parental consent is required for minors.