Black Sheep - Piercing

A few words about Piercing

Body piercing, as a practice, has existed in various forms for both men and women since ancient times and in many cultures worldwide. It belongs to the broader category of body modification and is done for different reasons.

Initially, it started as a practice for religious and spiritual purposes and later became famous for aesthetic reasons.

In Western culture, body piercing is a symbol of self-expression, beauty, sexual pleasure and a declaration of our uniqueness.


There are several types of piercings that one can choose from. Someone can perform ear piercings on the lobes, the helix, the rook, the daith, the tragus, the antitragus, the conch, and the septum. The facial piercing includes the eyebrows, nose, lips and tongue. Belly button piercing is also popular among many people.

In addition, nipple and genital piercing are standard options. Finally, the less common but popular superficial one is done on flat areas of the body, such as the chest or upper cheek.


  • Rook
  • Industrial
  • Ear
  • Facial
  • Belly button
  • Nipple
  • Genital

If you are interested in body piercing, you have many options! Come to our studio to discuss your preferences and find the right one.

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