black sheep tattoo & piercing studio - Chania

black sheep tattoo & piercing studio is open in Chania (Crete) since March 2009 and is at 15 Potie street, a 5-minute walk from the Venetian port of Chania (Fountain Square).

We create tattoos, any kind of piercing and implants (microdermal implants).

Hygiene rules

We own legal authorization and approval of health service.

The hygiene conditions in our studio  are excellent and the strictest standards of hygiene are applied.

The materials used are for single use only.

The tools are sterilized clinically in sterilization units and the space disinfected according to hospital standards.

Each time there are used new needles and our colors are herbal and hypoallergenic.


You can choose from the collection of our own projects or suggest your own designs!

We can refresh your old tattoo or cover it with a new one.

We'd love to meet you and talk with you about your new acquisition.

Important: Tattoos are by appointment and only for adults. For minors parental consent is necessary.